Saw Mike at the Albany SAAB Convention 2 years ago while he was tuning an old 900T. My car was/is mechanically sound (1999 Viggen) with a host of Genuine SAAB performance parts I put on it, but their latest ECU map was just terrible and slow, though they denied it. I asked Mike about it and he said, “Come by, we’ll solve this together” which was funny because I did nothing to help. Within 1.5 hours I had an extra 100hp, safely applied to the car, a spare ECU, extra vacuum lines removed and a preferred headlight setup I didn’t even know existed. My Viggen is pushing 300hp at the crank and an estimated 240whp. Mike is a genius and is now my #1 go-to guy for SAAB issues. This guy is WAY under rated and/or marketed. I drove 1:40 to get to his house and I’d drive 4 hours if I had to for these results. He’s also an amazing tech/mechanic and if you’re looking for an amazing and affordable power increase to your old 900t, his T5 upgrade is INSANE. His prices are also VERY reasonable unlike so many out there. 


Car is a blast Mike. Fricken blast. 


Patrick Riordan



I have known Mike for a number of years. We have grown up working on Saabs together. He decided to learn more about tuning Saabs so our modifications would actually mean something. We didn’t want to rely on tuners that were across the country, so this was a perfect scenario. To date, Mike has tuned my: 1995 Saab 900 SE, 2001 Saab 9-5 Aero and 2000 Saab 9-3 Viggen. We road tuned the 9-5 and 9-3, and I am able to get excellent gas mileage while still being in the ~250whp territory! Mike D is a pillar in the Saab community and I would entrust him with any project.

- Mike B aka saabeh


All I can say about my tune today??? “DAYUM.”
My face hurts from my evil grin and if I don’t stop racing people I’m going to find trouble soon.
’98 9000 5sp/manual.
Awesome time. I was very impressed at Mike’s knowledge tuning.  I guess with as many years as he’s been doing this, like anything, practice makes perfect.

I’m only surprised that Mike doesn’t have an ECU connector that plugs directly into his brain. –soon.

Thanks Mike!

- Matt in the 9000


Ive known MikeD since i went to my first saab show (Springtime in Sweden Circa 2006). He is a great guy that really knows his stuff.  I’m currently on tune 3 from him. I’ve had a 1995 9000 CS tuned to Aero spec, a 1997 Talladega tuned to huge grin on your face spec and now my 2008 9-3 sport sedan tuned to stage 1. Each time he has taken my personal likes into account and tuned the cars exactly how i wanted.  I like having things progressive where you can drive around town without knowing its tuned and then romp on it and really feel the difference. my talladega dyno’d at 202whp and 240wtq on a mustang dyno with his tune, an intake and saabsport exhaust. Sadly i have no numbers for my 9000 as i sold it before getting to a dyno, and my 9-3 hasnt hit the dyno yet but will be very soon. He always follows up to make sure things are working properly and that you are satisfied.  I recommend contacting him whether you need a tune, some maintance work, or just a knowledgeable petrolhead to chat with.

- Ryan Delahaye


Mike does a great job tuning, I’ve had my car done by him after a few mods then again after a few more.  Each time is as exciting as Christmas morning!  He’s great at describing what he’s doing and very patient with making sure he gets you right were you want to be, I’ve had other tunes from big companies and they don’t compare to his results or customer service.

2004 95 Aero manual
GS 3″ V2 downpipe
K&N high flow intake
T5 cams
T5 Short block
ETS Intercooler
Forge BPV
3.5 bar FPR

- Joe Iozzo


I first met Mike about 4 years ago when another Saab nut recommended I go see him to have my 1994 9000 Aero tuned. Years later I am very happy I took that advice. That car had 250,000 miles and all stock hardware and Mike did just what I asked for, give the car an ability to kick you in the pants just a bit more when you got on the gas. Rust got the best of that car a couple years later, but the tune proved reliable and trouble free while always putting a smile on my face. My next car was another, much nicer, 94′ Aero. Within a week of getting the car I called Mike up to have it tuned as well. This time we went road tuning as Mike had upgraded his tuning hardware, it seams he is always doing a great job expanding his knowledge and abilities based on new developments in the Saab world. This experience, like the last was great, time was taken to make sure the tune was perfect for what I had asked for. I still drive this car everyday, and am still very happy with the tune. The biggest project came a year later when I finished my 1985 900 hillclimb car. I had converted the car to run Trionic5 using Mike’s work as a guide. When it was done I was under a urgent time constraint as I needed the car ready for the 2011 Mt Washington hillclimb, only a week away. Again, Mike came through. Not only did he tune the car wonderfully. It made good power, I loved the driving characteristics, and the tune and engine have been perfectly reliable over two hillclimb seasons. But he helped me work out some issues (Lack of speed signal for boost control, changing gear ratios to reflect the 900 transmission etc.) I had not realized were there before we could start tuning. In the end Mike spent at least 10 hours with me over two nights working into the early hours of the morning, just so I could have a well tuned car to go play with, and the whole time he had a smile on his face. Then after the job was finished he followed up with me a couple times to make sure things were working well. I would highly recommend MikeD tuning to anyone!

- Pascal Belperron, Driver and owner of a 1985 SPG hill climb car


Mike D has tuned Many of my vehicles and been a Great resource for a large amount of diagnostic errors that I have run into! My 2000 9-5 went from 22 MPG to 31 MPG after his custom road tune. The drive-ability improved drastically and the power delivery as well.
He has also built 2 T5 Trigger wheel assembly’s for my classic 900s, and assisted with The T5 conversions in both cars. I’m excited to have him road tune my 9-5 Aero to stage 5.

- JP Newman


I brought my sport sedan to Mike for a stage 0 tune to get the most out of the stock car. The difference was incredible. I have put close to 30k miles on the car in a year since being tuned and it has not skipped a beat. One of my biggest concerns was what would happen come inspection time when they plug in the car. And there was no issues there as well. I recommend Mike to every Saab owner I know. I can’t wait to turn over my new Viggen to him.

- Lucas Palo


I just met Mike D for a tune today! I couldn’t be happier with the results. The car boosts more responsively and is MUCH faster with his tune! I had a tuned ECU that I had acquired through these classifieds about 4 years ago. He took the time to look over what I had and ensure that gains were going to be significant and meaningful. He was very professional and insisted that we go for a thorough test drive to make sure I was satisfied. I would HIGHLY recommend him for all of your tuning needs!

-Ryan H.


Mike recently tuned my 2006 SAAB 9-5 Aero.  He took his time to fix the small vacuum leaks that I had and also spotted a few other small issues.  Specifically, he fixed a hose in the PCV which improved the rough idle while other Saab mechanics had said just live with it because there is nothing wrong with your car.  
Mike’s tune had significant effect on the performance of my car.  Now I can break the tires loose at any point if I want to (with Auto transmission).  Throttle response is amazing and my car’s acceleration is much more predictable.  Sport mode used to be so unpredictable and virtually useless in Boston, but now it makes a dream come true!  Smooth acceleration is delivered every time I push the pedal in sport more, making me wonder why did I not do it sooner?
As a bonus,  my car’s gas mileage improved by 2-3mpg.  The cost of the tune makes for itself through savings on gas in a couple of months.   If you have a stock car, don’t hesitate, just ask Mike to tune it and then enjoy the ride and economy!

Mike definitely knows the 2.3T engine pretty good, and is quite trust-able guy, while being very fair.  Although I live in Boston, I’ll give him a call next time my car needs love and care, as a 30 minute derive is well worth it.

-Yashar (06 9-5 w/sport package)


Hi Mike. I am looking forward to meeting you in person but for now I wanted to send you this note thanking you for all your” over the phone” help. I posted on all the Saab sites looking for input on my boost issues and got many replies, none of which helped. I got suggestions of BCV, wastegate , fuel quality etc. etc.. Then you wrote ” I may be able to help and you certainly did. In a brief phone chat you were able to diagnose my problem as a failing direct ignition cassette. I installed a replacement and all my boost issues were fixed. Next I called you about a clunking sound from the rear of my car and you suggested a sway bar link. Bingo again. You really know your Saabs. Now that my Saab is running as it should I want to have you do some upgrades. To any of you out there looking for a pleasant Saab experience please give Mike D tuning a try.




So far so good the tune is definitely noticeable, I was surprised at how much quicker the turbo picks when i hit the gas, the lag is much less. The gear seems smoother and i can get a higher rev in each gear which is awesome.I’m getting my brakes done this weekend so then I can really take it out. 


Jacob Mani


My first entry into the SAAB world is my ’01 9-5 Aero Wagon.  A good friend of mine comes from a long time SAAB family and noted that my “new” Aero was a bit sluggish from what he was used to.  I had only owned the car for about a month and didn’t know a whole lot about it.  So, with a little research I found Mike D who was happy to show me the ropes of SAAB tuning.  He was very patient and receptive to the 100 questions that I had as I was a complete novice on the subject.  Mike noticed right off the bat that my engine mounts needed to be replaced.  As clueless as I was, he provided the spark I needed to health check the entire car which I’m very grateful for.  Since my visit with him (and after an ECU tune) I’ve gone through most of the car in attempts to make it as factory fresh as I can.  Whether you’re looking for engine advice or a performance tune, I highly recommend Mike for both beginners and veterans.  I know my next performance tune will be coming from him. 

-Michael S.  (aka Slabonator.  2001 9-5 Aero Wagon, 5-speed)