There are just some things that you need to start doing when you’re young. I feel like working on cars is one of those things, not everybody grows up in an area where they are working at a blacksmith shop by age 13. Rebuilding small engines by age 14, and then larger ones soon after. When you boil it down, I’m a car-guy,, a gearhead,, I love them all and I am just at home talking about syncing up SU carbs on an MG, and adjusting points on a ford flathead v8, as I am giving a tech seminar on how to track VR and hall effect sensors with an oscilloscope. You cant tune a car,, any car, without knowing the theories behind how, and why it works the way it does.

Since then, progress has not gotten any slower. In 2009 I was one among the first people to convert a Classic 900 to Trionic 5, with astounding results that did nothing less than inspire a movement.  The last T5 conversion took only one day, the write-up for which having over 50,000 views on, and inspired a few more threads like it from other authors. Not bad for somebody who grew up working on a farm.

See that write-up here: